**5x5 playing board and 5x5 practice ability now available!
Scramble Cheats is the ultimate Scramble With Friends companion with
built in practice ability and anagram generator, guaranteed to make you a
better player and more formidable opponent. Scramble Cheats will show
you every word that can be created and every possible word solution. With
one tap, Scramble Cheats will show you how to find any word on a
Scramble With Friends board.

Tired of waiting on your opponent to play or waiting for more coins?
Scramble Cheats now has a practice option that lets you play and
strengthen your gameplay! Scramble Cheats practice will generate a new
playing board every time so you are constantly being challenged!
With Scramble Cheats practice you have the option to play a 2 minute timed
game or choose an untimed practice to help strengthen your skills!

Use the import feature to upload a screenshot of your Scramble With
Friends game and Scramble Cheats will calculate every playable word
available, show you how to find the word and sort them alphabetically, by
length or point value. Scramble Cheats also has an integrated anagram
generator and runs completely offline - NO Internet connection required
after installing.

• No Internet connection needed
• Scramble practice - timed and untimed options
• Shows EVERY playable option for Scramble with Friends
• Built in anagram generator
• Customize the sorting of found words list
• Export Words to Notification Center
• Import Scramble with Friends and Scramble Connection screenshots

Scramble Cheats, Pinc Studios and Studio French are in no way affiliated with Scramble With Friends.

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